Brainwaltzera – Poly-Ana (Before The Party Starts: 16/06/18)

„To be honest I slept on this until I heard the first track of the album played by upsammy (who by the way is an amazing DJ you should definitely check out) at Robert Johnson a few months back. It completely blew me away so I had to ask what it is.


Groove premiers David Goldberg’s EMO Serialism

Since ten years David Goldberg has been composing and writing music within the electronic spectrum. As part of the bustling SVS collective and also doing his studies of conceptual art and sculpting at the academy of fine arts, he’s always been moving beyond borders and disciplines.


Check out our second BLITZ listen! podcast

Once again, we hung out at BLITZ club during the week and listened to our favourite music together. And yeah, this session was definitely one to be shared!

Have fun listening to our second podcast with music selected by Julietta, Lara, Muallem, Roland Appel, Skee Mask and Stenny.


Daniel Brandt & Eternal Something Live – 11/10/18

In March 2017, Daniel Brandt, co-founder of  Germany’s electro-acoustic ensemble Brandt Brauer Frick, released his solo debut album “Eternal Something” on Erased Tapes.
What has started as a simple idea in the Taunus region, in his father’s forest hut – equipped with some drum cymbals – finally became much more complex than imagined; it eventually turned into a trip to Joshua Tree National Park in California and a car full of guitars, resulting in Daniel’s first solo album.


Laurie Spiegel – The Expanding Universe (Before The Party Starts: 08/06/18)

Laurie Spiegel is a composer from my home city Chicago. For years, her pioneering work on the GROOVE synthesizer went largely unheard. In 2012, these works were included on a 2-cd edition of The Expanding Universe (1973-8). It contains over 2½ hours of music created at Bell Telephone Labs during the 1970s.


Johannes Mergarten live – 09/06/18

It wasn’t until he turned 21 that Berlin’s piano newcomer Johannes Mergarten found his destiny in playing piano. After an intense period of jazz studies in Munich, a desire to immerse himself in Berlin’s rich music scene initiated a move to Neukölln.


154 – Strike (Before The Party Starts: 01/06/18)

„Simply one of my favorite techno albums. The incredible sensibility and equilibrium between harmony and pulsating drum patterns, makes Strike a record capable to guide you through a really immersive journey. A true masterpiece!“