CRUISE – 17/03/18

On Saturday it’s time for Cruise to take over the controls once again, celebrating its lucky number 11.  Buckle up for the deep and dark techno sounds of Grounded Theory co-founder Henning Baer, the warm analogue stylings of Dutch producer legend and DJ extraordinaire Steve Rachmad aka Sterac, and eclectic grooves from Lighthouse Festival ambassador Leo Küchler.


Jeff Mills – 24/03/18

Jeff Mills is undoubtedly one of the founding fathers of techno music. With his beginning as radio DJ The Wizard in the late 80s and via his industrial-laden journeys with Final Cut, he made his mark in Detroit. And when he soon after linked up with the former Parliament bassist Mad Mike Banks, techno history was written.


Mall Grab – 16/03/18

Hardly any artist in recent memory has caused such a stir as rapidly as Mall Grab. The young Australian producer dropped an incredible series of lo-fi jams on labels like 1080p, Unknown To The Unknown and Hot Haus Recs, amongst others.


Aurora Halal – 10/03/18

Over the past four years Aurora Halal has made big waves throughout the international dance circuit. The trippy aesthetics and intensity of her DJ sets and hardware live jams have always been standing out. The creator of New York’s Mutual Dreaming party series and the Sustain-Release festival quickly became one of the most devoted figures of the new generation of US techno.


Martyn – 09/03/18

Throughout the many layers of his winding journey in electronic music, Holland native Martijn Deijkers, aka Martyn, has always stood in a genreless scene of his own. His distinct path through bass-driven music of all shapes and colours started out on play:musik and Marcus Intalex’ Revolve:r label, followed by releases on Tectonic, Brainfeeder, Ninja Tune and Ostgut Ton, as well as his own 3024 imprint, just to name a few.


Tijana T – 10/03/18

Stepping up this Saturday will be Belgrade DJ and music journalist Tijana T. Starting out as a spokeswoman for the renowned Exit Festival as well as the host for a series of electronic music TV shows, Tijana T has been a driving force in Serbia’s house and techno scene for over a decade now.