Maeve Night

On Saturday September 16th Mano Le Tough will visit us for one of his outstanding Maeve label nights. He will be accompanied by label mates The Drifter, Baikal, Ed Davenport and our residents Julietta and Roland Appel.


Check out a mix he did for resident advisor below.


Die Orakel Nacht

Die Orakel is a label run by Oliver Hafenbauer, resident DJ, label manager and creative director of Robert Johnson club. One of the key artist is Jaures, in the game with 3 fantastic 12″s for the label already.


Justin Strauss interviews Trevor Jackson

NYC Legend Justin Strauss has recently interviewed Trevor Jackson for Ace Hotel‘s blog. Justin is a fantastic artist and DJ who has been part of the NYC music and art scene since the early days of the Paradise Garage.


Munich Pride 2017

Let’s celebrate pride 2017 together. Unfortunately human beings all over the world still can’t decide freely on how they want to live their life in peace. Let’s stand together for diversity, tolerance and freedom of mind, body and soul!

Together we can make a difference!


Heiko M/S/O finished 12 mixes right before he died.

Recently the amazing German dance music lover  Heiko M/S/O lost his fight against cancer. Although lots of young kids might not have heard about him before, he was a very prominent figure in the establishment of club and dance music culture in Germany and was famous for his very kind and humble spirit.


Eklektik Disko

Ein popkultureller Gesprächs- und Musikabend!

Zur Veröffentlichung von SZ LANGSTRECKE 2/2017 sprechen Andrian Kreye (Feuilleton-Chef) und David Pfeifer (Langstrecke) über alle Spielarten des Pop und legen begleitend Lieblingsschallplatten auf. Drängende Themen für diesen Abend: Vinyl: Tradition oder Mode?