Maxim von Terentieff – 23/12/17

In the 90s he escaped Russia only to find refuge in the legendary Ultraschall club. Today he is a rare creature, an exceptionally gifted beast, a worshiped legend, a mythical figure beyond comparison. Many have tried to emulate him, but they have all failed miserably and had to bow before the king of nightlife. The title of a living club legend is assiged way to easily, given that there is only one who earned it with blood, sweat and techno. It is lonley at the top but that is where he belongs. He never hesitated once to risk everything, every fibre of his being, for one idea: The idea of rave in its pure glory. Be prepared to witness another chapter in the lore of Maxim. Expect irresistable sound you will never forget. Brace yourself for a sunrise set that will burn itself into your mind – Maxim von Terentieff ALL NIGHT LONG taking over the PLUS Floor this saturday at CRUISE!