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Alessio Barletta talks Discontinuous and his first EP > BAL <

Blitz fans will recognize the names Alessio Barletta, Lavandonia and Alles Andere. The three Italian, Munich-based DJs are known as enthusiastic selectors and scene members with a penchant for Minimal-orientated shades of Techhouse and Electro. Now the three have teamed up to form their own imprint called > DISCONTINUOUS < and have recently released their first EP > BAL < with infectious four tunes and beats from Alessio Barletta himself.


New monthly, friday based event series > Ghosts on Acid < !

There’s a new monthly event series at Blitz, taking place Friday once a month: say hello to our new party, Ghosts on Acid!

The Ghosts on Acid invite you to dance and dream, and let the music B R E A T H E in times when dance music mostly is about > harderbetterfasterstronger < by channelling the wide-ranging, blissed out and psychedelic spectrum of House music.


New: > Midnight Tickets < available from now!

We’ve introduced a new ticket category for all early birds among the dancers: the midnight ticket! The ticket is for all those that value a great opening set and want to discover the whole night from the start of the party.


POLYGONIA talks QEONE and her upcoming label night at BLITZ

Lindsey Wang is a unicum in Munich’s lively techno-microcosm and a regular behind our booth, always balancing dynamics and dramaturges, embroidering rolling grooves with a a hypnotizing, experimental sound palette.  

She has made a name for herself not only as a skilled DJ, but also as an accomplished producer and head of the IO collective as well as her own QEONE imprint, as part of the contemporary jazz/electronic music fusion project Lyder and her collaborative work with Munich drum wizzard Simon Popp.



Orbital Reflector is a Munich based collective that have gifted our PLUS floor with their inventive musical curations more than once, by now. They have been responsible for some of the town’s most exciting events over the past years with an acquired taste in left field electronic dance music aesthetics, that challenge DJs to develop new and evocative musical dramaturgies and are just as soulful and seductive as well as experimental and unheard of – and equally suited for deep listening and enchanting dancing.


JONAS YAMER talks Molten Moods & new MM 16 compilation

Jonas Yamer is a Munich based audiovisual artist and musician and one of the cornerstones of Munich’s current electronic music scene. Be it as a DJ that often performs at Blitz and consistently delivers dystopian dancefloor delights, as part of the stunning Post-Techno band Carl Gari (who have performed at festivals such as Rewire, Berlin Atonal and Ritournelle right here at Blitz), as an audiovisual artist and as the mind behind Munich’s Molten Moods imprint.


Blitzcast 018 by Katia Curie

It’s no secret anymore that Vienna’s musical underground is bursting with talent and skilled artists and that many of the city dance music scene’s interesting figures regularly play at Blitz. Katia Curie is one of them. Blitzcast 018 is a great place to start when getting into the Kyiv born selector, who’s also one of the driving forces behind Vienna’s > Sonic Resistance <.


Bashkka talks ANIMA night on FR 17/11/23

Our resident Bashkka and her irresistible style of music and DJing is in high demand right now: a short look at her touring schedule proves our resident habibi is more than busy! We’re delighted to present her first curated event ANIMA, taking place at Blitz where Bashkka will appear alongside a thrilling lineup consisting of Ariel Zetina, LYDO, Mama Yha Yha, Peachlyfe, Softchaos and Teecra.