Blitzcast 018 by Katia Curie

It’s no secret anymore that Vienna’s musical underground is bursting with talent and skilled artists and that many of the city dance music scene’s interesting figures regularly play at Blitz. Katia Curie is one of them. Blitzcast 018 is a great place to start when getting into the Kyiv born selector, who’s also one of the driving forces behind Vienna’s > Sonic Resistance <.

What can you expect? Let’s hear what Katia has to say…

> When selecting the tracks, it was particularly important to me to get the listener into a certain rhythmic hypnosis that is maintained throughout the mix as it changes from one mood to another. I also wanted to show a different, dynamic, groovy side of my selection, which makes this mix different from my others. It’s a vinyl-only mix consisting mainly of progressive house and techno records from the late 90s and early 2000s. At the same time, one of the recorded tracks was recently released on the Kyiv label Tancido, after the full scale war had started. I am totally in love with this one and it has a particularly important aspect for me, considering my Ukrainian origin. <

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But now, here’s the music you’ve been waiting for: