Dravier ‎– 香港 trajectory (Before the party starts – 09/02/18)

09.02. Before the party starts…
23:00 – 23:59
Dravier ‎– 香港 trajectory
Since the very first day at BLITZ Music Club we pick an album to listen to in the club from 23:00 – 23:59 – literally before the party starts. For tonight, we asked Jimmy Asquith, head and founder of Lobster Theremin to share an album with us:
“This is a physical cassette release that I actually would take with me whilst travelling to gigs last year, to listen to on my portable Sony tape player. I’d whip out the player on the plane and often the person sat next to me would be gobsmacked, as if I was from the past or something. Reminded me of how the characters in Dark [Netflix show] must feel 😉
Dravier is one half of the Jungle Gym label and his music is totally next level relaxation and ambient/drone meditation pieces. He has a lot of material out there and a lot of great stuff through the multi-format Tourist imprint. I’ll actually be releasing an LP by him on my Tidy Bedroom imprint that debuted my Tom Hang long player last year, so watch out for that around summer time.
Lastly, make sure you watch Dark on Netflix as it’s the best series in ages! Serve with tangy lemonade & greasy pizza on a Sunday night.”