Lanark Artefax – 24/02/18

“It took the Scottish writer Alasdair Grey almost 30 years to complete his novel Lanark. Combining the real with the surreal, Grey’s dystopian opus paints a bizarre picture of a Glasgow-like city, conveying stark ideas of postmodernism and personal hells. “When a thing is perfect it is eternal,” reads one of its most striking lines. “It can be destroyed afterward, or slowly decay, but its perfection is safe in the past, which is the only inevitable part of the universe.” This reflects the worldview of Calum MacRae, a 23-year-old Glasgow-based English Literature graduate, who makes sublime electronic music under the name Lanark Artefax. His singular sound has piqued the interest of electronic music heavyweights like Aphex Twin and Björk, both of whom have played his tracks at festivals last summer.” – Read the whole editorial by Conor McTernan on Resident Advisor.

BLITZ w/ Actress, Axel Boman, Julietta, Lanark Artefax (live), La Staab
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