Carl Craig ‎– More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art (Before The Party Starts: 27/04/18)

In my opinion, one of the greatest records from Detroit. Timeless, deep and revolutionary, it comes from the time when men became one with technology. Carl’s emotions are perfectly transcribed by the machines, and this album is probably the reason which pushed many producers to make electronic music in a deep, sincere and soulful manner. I think after this album people realised that you could make electronic music by yourself as an art, allowing to express the deepest side of you. From that moment on, everybody knew what is pure electronic music made from the soul.

I would like to quote this text from the front cover, written by Jeff Sawell:
“Revolutionary art is not determined by its avantgarde content; nor its formal or technical trickery, its interpretation of reality or its verisimilitude, but, rather, by how much it revolutionises our thinking and imagination; overturning our preconceptions, bias and prejudice and inspiring us to change ourselves and the world…”
– Kosme