Glaskin are joining the Blitz resident family

With Blitzcast 002 we’d like to welcome another duo to our resident family: Glaskin! The name should sound familiar to all fans of remote electronic music. At least over here in Munich it does. At Blitz they were regular guests on the dance floor since the very beginning, however the Set the two brothers delivered in March convinced us that the two should step up. Born and raised in Munich, Jonathan and Ferdi are true homegrown players of the late dance music movement in Bavaria. As members of the Kellerkind crew, the founders of the festivals ‘Schall im Schilf’ and ‘Back to the Woods’, they have a substantial impact on these festivals, way beyond the mere musical selection. Their musical paths go back to their very childhood, when they found out how effectively they can create music together. With tracks like ‘Groundwork’ they have been exploring new takes on percussive techno, while their latest EP ‘Grey Lines’ shows the duo’s great variety, ranging from drum’n bass inspired breakbeats to crafty tunes that delve deep into the dub aesthetics… and there’s so much more to come. Welcome to the club!