Skee Mask’s LP Compro is picked for RA’s best albums of 2018

Skee Mask’s LP Compro is picked for Resident Advisor’s best electronic albums of 2018. Well deserved, Bryan! The masterpiece of our resident was released on Ilian Tape on May 15h. “On his first album as Skee Mask, Shred, Bryan Müller mastered rhythm. On Compro, he mastered melody. More colourful than any previous Skee Mask release, his second album for Ilian Tape is a colorful exploration of IDM, jungle and ambient, cloaked in Müller’s trademark haze. The tracks range from classic (“Kozmic Flush”) to modern (“Rev8617”), but all are distinctly Skee Mask. With Compro, the young artist found the golden ratio between feeling and rhythm.”, Resident Advisor (2018).