A note what’s going on.

We dearly hope that everyone out there is healthy and safe. 

These are strange times, as the world has to face the challenge of drastic change. We strongly believe, that change always incorporates new perspectives and possibilities. Whatever the future may be, we should think wisely about the things we can influence in order to take the chance of twisting things into the better. 

When we try taking a closer look into all the perspectives, visions and ideas that are currently coming up day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute, starting with the microcosm that dance music is in and working up to an essentially social and global scale, be they pessimistic or optimistic, we realize more and more how powerful all of us are, when trying to collectively initiate positive change. 

We conceive a club’s essence in people coming together, sharing their love for each other, for life and music. Dancing together was taken from us. Being limited to your closest as well as virtual connectivity, makes us even more realize how much we value the presence of people. Nonetheless, we also do conceive the purpose of a club as so much more.

As much as this crisis makes coming together impossible, we still do passionately take critical views, don’t hesitate to take position and engage with the culture we love. Sharing all the things that move us, is a distinct element of our passion.

The first reaction after the club had to shut down was being paralyzed, not being able to realize that the club won’t open on Friday, March 13th. Speakers off, empty room, no sweating bodies, no loud music. After streaming mainly club sets on that given Friday, we took a break and focused on coming up with a fresh program, as we are used to coming up with one every day of our lives. The context has changed, however our love can’t be taken.

Today we’ll continue with our streams, we are still in the process of adapting, however our program will reflect things we’d love to dive into ourselves. Apart from theme driven musical journeys, we’ll start readings, playlists and will also introduce a new dialogue based video format, in order to trigger the exchange of ideas and to explore a diversity of perspectives on various things. We’ll do our best to come up with new updates and to constantly improve and thereby hope, to jointly develop new approaches. 

We’ll take care of all necessary medical measures during the streams and will also offer optional tickets -all content is free- for our monthly virtual program. The amount generated from these, will be forwarded at a 100% to the contributors and split evenly among them.  

As dark as these times may be, light will be back. Let’s make the best out of it. Now is the time to be creative, to honestly address the things that need to be addressed, to be on point, to be focused, to think differently and to critically question.

Please do stay healthy and safe. Let’s hope this is all over soon and that we’ll be able to dance and enjoy life together. We do hope that the current way of exchanging passion, knowledge and ideas will endure for the world to come. 

With love, 


Munich, March 27th2020