Bashkka’s debut EP > Maktub < out Feb 15 on Nene H's new imprint > UMAY <

It’s no surprise our resident habibi Bashkka and our good friend and regular guest Nene H are very good friends. Now they’re joining forces! 

Out on February 15, > Maktub < marks Bashkka’s debut solo-EP and is filled with queer club bangers and at the same time kicks off Nene H’s new label UMAY, a non-profit orientated label aiming at promoting artists and music from underrepresented backgrounds. In can be read as Nene H’s reactions and experiences in the music industry, and it’s model aims to challenge many of the practices and standards of today’s music industry, by trying to build long-lasting collaborations with the artists, a fair and transparent share of revenue with the artists. 

> Serving cvnty trax while elevating artists < really says it all and we’re exciting about that’s about to happen in the future. We like! 

But first and foremost: we’re excited about Bashkka’s debut EP, a stunning, acoustic love letter towards her defining influences, that’s her Turkish heritage and the queer community. And more of those potent and sensual, driving beats that our very own Bashkka is known for!

Pre-order the goods right here on Bandcamp, right now!