DJ Spit: Blitzcast 013, Explorers 10/02 & interview.

Explorers is the title of the new format from our good friend and simply stunning Paul Krause aka DJ Spit, aimed at open-minded and contemporary audiences who are ready to embrace and discover its motto of > genre-fluidity <.

DJ Spit himself, undoubtably one of Germany’s current dance music shooting stars, is an avid promoter of genre-defying mixes and selections with a focus on high-energy bass-music hybrids that recalibrates the perception of what you’d call > Rave < through styles like Drill, Drum&Bass, Ghetto House and much more. Dashing through myriads of genres and styles and different forms of musical abstraction, DJ Spit makes big pop-gestures and experimental polyrhythms seem like close relatives in the blink of an eye.

It’s not hard to see why DJ Spit is one of the scene’s most in demand party-starters! And the rendition of Explorers at Blitz on Friday 10/02 could hardly be more exciting, with a thrilling array of acclaimed DJs sharing decidedly modern and multifaceted perspectives on club music, such as Bjarki, I. Jordan, rosi96 and SHERELLE.

For the special occasion, we’re delighted to present the upcoming Blitzcast 013 from DJ Spit himself, just in time to give you a glimpse of what to expect from his upcoming set at Blitz.

And, the very best of all: you’ll be able to see and hear a lot more of DJ Spit and his irresistible selections at Blitz this year!

Listen to it here via Apple Music or on our Soundcloud page:

We sat down for a chat with DJ Spit to talk about his motivation and concept behind Explorers, his connection to Blitz and all the amazing artists he chose for the upcoming party.

What makes Explorers & Blitz such a fitting match? What excites you about bringing the series to Blitz & to Munich?

From the first day on, everything just fitted together well: the people, the mindset… The fact that I was personally allowed to play there in various contexts and line-ups and that there were no limits to my creativity, made it clear to me how much the club, but especially how much the audience, wants to see new things. Real friendships have developed, and to represent Explorers, its idea and it’s sense of community feeling in probably one of the best clubs, is simply phenomenal.

Programming: Tell us more about the artists on the line-up tonight. What excites you about the fellow DJs? How do you know them, and what bond(s) do you share? What are the reasons you chose to go for these artists for the upcoming Explorers x Blitz?

It is important to note that we only book people that we’re big fans of, on a musical and a personal level. When Sherelle played one of the best drops in Boiler Room history three years ago at the > LDN: Bass & Percs special < and she became known to a wider European audience, I just knew something big was coming. We’ve had the honour to witness her and her performances a few times since then, and she simply delivers what she promises. A lot has changed with this set. 
Many people can play fast, but no one does it like she does. So when we heard that she was playing a mini tour with I. Jordan, I knew we had to make it happen! Their synergy is world-class and their b2b sets, which on a musical level cover a lot of power club music-related ground, is perfectly suited for our Explorers night at the Blitz. 

Rosi96 is just fresh. Her monthly show on Munich’s Radio80000 showcases a rare musical variety, that only few other selectors and performances can pull off. Everyone one of her sets has amazed me from the first second on. I didn’t have to think twice.

We want to tighten the reins in a completely different way towards the end, and I can’t imagine a better closing partner for this than Bjarki. Although we both come from different musical directions, we both share a great love for musical details and the slightly weirder sounds.

• What can we expect from your back to back with Bjarki? Is it your first joint set, or do you already share a history of memorable performances? Do you share similar passions and mindsets, that connect the two of you?

This b2b will be our official premiere! Bjarki is, for all the right reasons, considered to be one of the most innovative artists and label owners in Techno and has recently become a new friend of mine. We had a spontaneous b2b a few months ago and realised we gel together really well. We want to explore more of this exciting connection as we complement each other greatly.

• What do you think about the status quo of Explorers driving conceptual idea of > genre fluidity < in Germany, especially when you compare the current state of affairs on an international level? Do you feel a cultural necessity & need to promote this concept in Germany stretching beyond hosting and curating a great party? And if yes, why is it so?

There‘s genre-fluid and there really is genre-fluid: it’s not the same. 
I really appreciated it when, a few years ago, the bigger festival stages and clubs finally started to play more diverse styles than the usual House and Techno grooves, but personally, to me that often felt like pure marketing to keep up with the times. 

For me, a DJ has to be able to surprise and find his trademark sound in almost any genre. 
When you make a living presenting music to an audience, it’s about doing your homework and filling the time you have during the week with finding music that most people don’t have time for. In the end we all like similar music, but to keep developing the current sound, that’s what it’s all about. I want to approach the Explorers events with open eyes and especially open ears. It’s wonderful to see how much the intersections between the different genres are becoming more and more visible, and how German clubs are opening up more and more to styles beyond the House and Techno universe. It’s still a long process, but I’m motivated and I’m sure we have the right crowd for what we’re trying to do at Blitz.

• How has the idea and concept changed and evolved in Germany, the German scene and international scenes, especially compared to countries like the UK (where the idea still seems to be a lot more present)? How do feel about the developments in your home base Berlin and in Munich?

I think a lot has changed since the pandemic and our music is, in most cases, not music to soundtrack a 48-hour rave. This is a pity in some cases, but it is helpful for us and our project, because right now, I believe it’s more about quality than quantity. It’s no secret how much I follow the UK-scene but my heart still belongs to the German clubs and I know about the potential that’s in there, for of all of us, no matter what styles we like. It’s up to us to take the next step musically and to think out of the box.

• Explorers aims to promote local talent and intercultural exchange. What do you expect from rosi96’s set, and how can Explorers contribute to fostering local talent and intercultural exchange beyond select events and parties? 

We will push local talent at each of our events. I don’t like it when people come to a city solely with their own crew and don’t connect with what’s going on locally. In this case it was very easy because I already knew and had heard rosi96, but also in the future we will be keeping in close contact with the local scenes to integrate FLINTA+ DJs and crews in our concept that we share a musical connection with.

• What does the future hold for Explorers? What are your plans? Are there specific ideas or concepts you want to try out, artists to invite, places to take the event to?

We’re working on a total of seven events right now, with club shows, festival stages and workshops. I can only say that it will be siiiick.

Now for the last question. Aside from self-promotion, Blitz, Explorers or Rascals: what was the last piece of music, whether it’s a tune, an album, a party or a live performance that blew your mind?

Yeah, last week: Batu and Ok Williams b2b Peach at Nachtiville. I haven’t danced so extensively for a very, very long time. Three absolute killer DJs on the decks.