Tobias Staab (aka La Staab): New artistic director of Munich’s DANCE festival

Our longtime friend and curator of the Ritournelle Festival Tobias Staab (or perhaps better known under his DJ moniker La Staab among our Blitz crowd) has just recently been appointed as the artistic director of Munich’s DANCE festival, the prestigious event for contemporary dance performance. Just a few weeks ago he presented an installation dubbed > Trans Corporal Formations < at Forum Der Zukunft, right next to Blitz which was accessible during our club nights.

Anyone who has witnessed his performances as a DJ or any of the mind-expanding Ritournelle festivals knows that Tobias Staab knows more than just a few secrets about dance, rhythm and groove but there’s so much more in Tobias Staab’s CV as a dramatic advisor and stage director that made him such a great fit as the artistic director.
Whether it’s his experiences at the Münchner Kammerspiele, the Ruhrtriennale, the Oval Office of Schauspielhaus Bochum or as founder of the Ballet of Difference, he left a mark on every project he touched.

We at Blitz were delighted to hear the news, congratulate our fellow companion, and are happy to share the news with our Blitz crowd. Stay tuned for more mind-bending aesthetic experiences from Tobias Staab and DANCE festival very soon!