Th 04/05

Intimacy Quarterly #5


Les Trucs

Mira Mann



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On 04.05.2023, the second episode of the stunning experimental pop music concert series Intimacy Quarterly will take place at Blitz! Our guests will be the breathtaking sound and performance duo Les Trucs from Frankfurt. They create a world of its own between man, machine and music, from Kraftwerk to Daft Punk. YOR, the second act of the evening, dispenses with genres and devotes itself to experimentation. The DJ of the evening @tom2k is responsible for projects such as > Alternative Fakten < and the > AG Pappenheim < and is a specialist in obscure electronic music. As always, the evening will be opened by Mira Mann with a musical introduction.

Les Trucs are Charlotte Simon, Toben Piel and various electronic devices. Originally started as a pure band project, the duo now moves in the border area of music, intervention and theatrical staging. Whether sound concepts for urban places, compositions for a moving choir of notes or a science-fiction performance cycle, their own works always take place in confrontation with the spaces surrounding them.
YOR is a musical organism comprising Nataly Hulikova, Susanne Beck and
Toni Mosebach. It came into existence in 2016, when the artists met in
Leipzig. YOR now lives in their three brains as a genre-less monster of
friendship. It takes shape in the form of recordings, concerts, videos,
installations and exhibitions.
@tom2k is a curator & DJ based in Munich. Through running the music platform Alternative Fakten, Tom is chasing his dream of an open minded dancefloor & exploring the weird and obscure side of the city’s underground electronic music scene. While being involved with Radio 80000 and ZIRKA, he is disrupting the public media sector via Bayerischer Rundfunk and intervening in the public space via his rave collective AG Pappenheim.
Mira Mann is an author, musician and booker. With her work she explores the performative possibilities of spoken and written word in the interface between text, body and music. With the formation of her first band candelilla (2001 – 2017) and the realization of her first own events in 2001, she positions her work in the context of subculture and (pop-)music. In addition to her work as a musician and writer, she is a curator for festivals such as the Frameworks Festival and the Theatron-Pfingst Festival in Munich. Since 2022 she runs her own concert series for abstract pop music „Intimacy Quarterly“ together with Daniela Schroll.