Muallem is no new name in the Music Circus. Having traveled extensively, lived in New York, London, Tel Aviv and Munich, produced for over 20 years and worked as a DJ for even longer, Muallem’s passion, musical expertise and understanding of the nightlife were responsible for propelling Bob Beaman, the club where he was in charge of the creative direction for over half a decade, to a top spot on the list of Europe’s best clubs. After having left his former residency, he has recently been popping up more and more as one of the minds behind the brand new BLITZ Dance Music Club that opened doors in Munich in Spring 2017. They say that we are shaped by what we love, and that life prepares us for what is to come – This seems to have proven true in the case of Muallem. This love is where he took his motivation for creating another mothership, solely built in order to dance together. He has put his years of experience and love for music towards fostering a welcoming musical community in his hometown of Munich. If you ask David for the recipe of a club’s success, his simple answer is: “Passion”, which is also the main ingredient for his DJ Sets. Muallem’s vision for clubs and his passion for music have infected Munich with a newfound love for dance music culture. His sets are sure to keep you sweaty and moving all night. “I love it, when I can play all night; to be able to tell a story from the first beat to the last record of the night is an amazing thing. You can really create a feeling of unity. An ideal night is when people are just letting their hair down, letting themselves go and getting lost in the music – and me with them”. Muallem surely gets there, well balancing the elements of a dance floor: from deep to obscure, pumping to soulful, subtle to obvious, classic to avant-garde. Muallem paints the night an array of colors, from the softest tones to the brightest neon. Never too shy to be catchy, but never crossing into cheesy or ironic territory, you will get a pure passion and love for music that is infectious on the dance floor. It is these expertly mixed sets from an experienced soul that make you forget about having to, at one point, wake up and return to reality. Music you want to spend the night with.

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