Bashkka talks ANIMA night on FR 17/11/23

Our resident Bashkka and her irresistible style of music and DJing is in high demand right now: a short look at her touring schedule proves our resident habibi is more than busy! We’re delighted to present her first curated event ANIMA, taking place at Blitz where Bashkka will appear alongside a thrilling lineup consisting of Ariel Zetina, LYDO, Mama Yha Yha, Peachlyfe, Softchaos and Teecra.

Find out more about ANIMA right here:

We sat down with Bashkka to talk more about her thought’s on and surrounding ANIMA.

Bashkka, tell us more about Anima, the night you curated. What’s your aim, what’s your concept? What has inspired you?

– To amplify my community and to shed not only light, but to actually set the spotlight on their overlooked tales. My curations are rather instinctual than conceptual. I am inspired by queer resistance that fuels the passionate, deeper heartbeat of this scene.

How long have you been planing Anima and how has the concept and approached changed over times? Tell us more about the process!

– I launched this idea back in January! Deep down I’ve gained a whole new level of respect for the all the virtuosos that plan (club-)nights, events, and festivals. It’s been a rollercoaster journey, but it was all worth it. I was able to curate a really brilliant line up that has such communal value and power.

Anima is focussed on artists > beyond the scope mainstream recognition and demographic norms <. Right now, there are a lot of great artists that identify beyond (conservative) demographic norms and push creativity in what we’d consider the underground scene. Where do you see these artists influences on how music is played and created, and how club culture is being approached? Are there any musical and/or local scene, that you believe have been particularly important in shaping the recent development?

– Discussing the evolution of this scene and the trailblazers, it’s impossible to overlook the profound impact of black and brown queer individuals – be it in music, fashion, or art. Their historical and present influence and impact is undeniable. Especially London’s scene but also queer collectives such Filth in Auckland / New Zealand, have inspired and blown me away. If we talk about shaping communities, look no further!

Do you see any influence on the > mainstream < at the moment? And if yes: how does it influence the mainstream, and where is it notable?

– I’m hopeful that the scene’s influence on the mainstream can come without questioning the authenticity and motives behind it. It’s crucial to balance healthy skepticism with optimism. Amidst some questionable stuff, there’s undeniable progress worth acknowledging.

Tell us more about the artists on the bill. What are your personal connections, what inspires you about their musical approaches, how did the numerous back to backs come together? And what can we, or what do you, expect from these collaborations?

– Each artist is a key player in our community, contributing to breaking new ground. Some are friends, others are peers I deeply admire as artists as well as entrepreneurs. Their impact extends beyond local scenes, shaping a creative legacy that resonates far and wide. Every one of them is dripping with talent, serving up something unique and fresh. It’s like a feast of creativity: an exquisite supper where each artist brings a distinct flavor to the table in form of their back to back set contributions.

The last two questions. What’s next for you? What next steps are you planning?

– Loads of new music and collabs. Buzzing with excitement because that’s where I find my solace. Making Music and playing it for people. Plus, I’ve got my sights set on my first tour down under at the beginning of next year. Exciting stuff.

Aside from self promotion, networking, etc – what music has been on your heavy rotation recently?

– Anything Yves Tumor. I’m obsessed!