Roland Appel delivers Blitzcast 008

The 8th edition of our Blitzcast series is out and about! The latest contribution to our podcast catalogue is mixed by our resident Roland Appel. Once again our soul brother comes along with his very own twist of electronic music in between House, Techno and Break Beat: driven by deep and highlighting bass lines, euphoria capturing melodies and strictly danceable rhythms.


Sassy J curates the second edition of Rush Hour’s Patchwork series

The Swiss mastermind Sassy J curates the second edition of Rush Hour’s Patchwork series. The result is a versatile potpourri of her smooth and powerful taste in music. Catch her playing BLITZ alongside De School resident and our Italian boy Stenny on February 21st!


Climbing and Falling: a talk with our resident Stenny. By Jonas Yamer.

Last week Stenny’s debut LP Upsurge saw the light of day via Ilian Tape. Jonas Yamer sat down with him for a personal talk on the album, relocating from Turin to Munich, euphoria, abysses and guilty pleasures.

J: How long did you work on Upsurge and do you feel relieved now?


Blitzcast 007 comes up by Muallem

Blitzcast 007 is coming up and this time by no one less than our CRUISE mommy herself. And well, once again, Muallem does what Muallem does best: playing music. By putting together a sustain selection of trippy Techno-something-delights, pumpy Electro heavyweights with a funky twist and soulful, vocal driven House adventures, our top spinner delivers a pure ecstasy-glazed-with-acid mix for the books.


Helena Hauff delights with a new EP on Return To Sender

Hamburg’s sublime talent Helena Hauff delights with a new EP on her outlet Return To Sender. The sharp shooting four tracker Living With Ants will be released on September 9th. We are thrilled to have her back at Blitz for a very special night in November this year.


Ryan Elliott comes up with his new outlet Faith Beat

Ryan Elliott has a very big sense of creating vibes to remember on the dancefloor. The same applies when it comes to his recently founded new imprint Faith Beat. The outlet’s first release comes from the founder himself and will be available from July 19th.