FJAAK deliver Blitzcast 011

The eleventh edition of our Blitzcast features Berlin’s very own duo FJAAK. Within this hour, the boys showcase their characteristic taste in style: pneumatic-stomping percussions, catchy, 90ies influenced keys and stalwart-pointed punchlines. Thank you Aaron and Felix for this explosive material!


Next up for Blitz LIVE is Cashu

Next up for Blitz LIVE is one of São Paulo’s promising scene ambassadors, Cashu, who works out her distinct kind of sense for Warehouse-ready Techno. Held together by back-to-the-future-crafted styles, this recording showcases flashy-pulsating units, crunchy-tropical rhythms, gurkly synth-hybrids and Acid-tuned sequences.


Blitz LIVE series’ eighth edition comes from Claudio PRC

Lucky number eight of our Blitz LIVE instalment features Sardinia-via-Berlin artist Claudio PRC, who lays down a spacious floating and organically energizing mix. Within his 2-hours-recording, the 012 chief zooms in his clear-cut articulations of Techno: rhythm driven, smoothly moving but sharp shooting and generating psychedelic depths.


DJ Deep continues Blitz LIVE series

Blitz LIVE continues with DJ Deep, who dedicates a huge load of groove to our recording series. May it be warm Dub-patterns, rhythm-and-key-inspired House music or tooly Techno, the gentle spinner from Paris speaks a very tense and authentic language at the decks.


A note what’s going on.

We dearly hope that everyone out there is healthy and safe. 

These are strange times, as the world has to face the challenge of drastic change. We strongly believe, that change always incorporates new perspectives and possibilities. Whatever the future may be, we should think wisely about the things we can influence in order to take the chance of twisting things into the better. 

When we try taking a closer look into all the perspectives, visions and ideas that are currently coming up day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute, starting with the microcosm that dance music is in and working up to an essentially social and global scale, be they pessimistic or optimistic, we realize more and more how powerful all of us are, when trying to collectively initiate positive change. 

We conceive a club’s essence in people coming together, sharing their love for each other, for life and music.


Candy Pollard debuts for Blitzcast series

Candy Pollard’s debut for our Blitzcast series covers a dazzling extraction of his fine sense for music. Our friend from Heilbronn’s strength is to create storylines in between: subtile, uplifting, soulful and always keeping an elegant sustainability in mind. This mix explores reduced and dreamy soundscapes, incorporating bleeping Electro-accents and Techno take-overs.


Blitz LIVE series volume six features Roman Flügel

Blitz LIVE series volume six features Roman Flügel in full effect. The two and a half hours by our never-not-fresh jack of all trades from Frankfurt is comprised by hi-definition four-on-the-floor tunes: drifty pounding, arp-animated, bass-riding and Trance-dipped. Call it House, Techno, Leftfield or just let the music shout it out loud.


Vincent Neumann showcases Ambient mix for Blitzcast series

Our Blitzcast series continuous with Vincent Neumann, who shows up with a beautiful Ambient mix. The Leipzig based Distillery resident unveils two hours of intimate soundscapes, contemplative-uplifting vibrations, hazy drone-spheres, gentle rhythm accents and a consistently timeless mood. This smoothly mixed selection allows to take a deep breath, to drift away and to gain creativity.


Blitz LIVE series follows up with Adiel

Next up on the bill for our Blitz LIVE series is ADIEL, who makes big waves with her very own instinct for the dancefloor. The picks of the Italian selector are covered by three main stances: dynamic aesthetic, hypnotic tensioned tales and pure fire between the lines.


Zeki 808 continues Ilian Tape’s X-series

Give Thanks is the name of Zeki 808’s latest release for Ilian Tape’s X-series. The mighty 12″ is published today and showcases six heavy bass dropping and rhythm driven skill rolls. Enjoy listening and support the artist and label via Bandcamp.