Blitz and Electronic Beats showcasing virtual club night on September 12th

Saturday, September 12th: Blitz x Electronic Beats Virtual Clubnight No. 3. We are looking forward to showcase seven mixes by B@ntu, Bogus Trumper, CCL, Gabrielle Kwarteng, Obalski, Spekki Webu and vince in symbiosis with the visual arts of Pppanik from 5pm until midnight. Let’s meet in space!

»Nobody In The Place«, a video performance by Anja Lekavski

»Nobody In The Place«, a video performance by Anja Lekavski , will be streamed this weekend, starting on Friday, June 26th 2020 at 7pm, as part of the exhibition »« – accompanied by DJ sets of Lothar Maria, Bogus Trumper, Elias, Victor and Yeahlena.

»« is a project of the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, Klasse Kogler. Artistic contributions in the form of recorded material and live projects will be streamed in the underground gallery until July 31st 2020. The format was conceived in view of the social restrictions and regulations currently affecting artistic production and exhibition.

Anja will spend 7 hours clubbing alone at Blitz Club just accompanied by the music.