New Ilian Tape Podcast by Shed

Ilian Tape has just released a new episode of their podcast series. This time no one else than the fabulous Shed is responsible for a dope mix.

Here is what the boys have to say about the mix:”

Shed is one of our favourite artists and definitely a no bullshit guy.


Schall im Schilf Aftershow Party

It’s that time of the year again. This Saturday, the infamous Schall im Schilf festival goes to the next level. We are happy to take part in the festivities by serving the finest afterparty you can imagine. To start our line up, no one else but Irish stallion Mano Le Tough will bring house heat to our PLUS floor alongside Sascha Sibler.


Friday July 28th: Hunee plays alongside the Public Possession boys.

Hun Choi aka Hunee is one of those DJs that always surprises. In his sets he serves the spectrum from left to right and bottom to top, thereby managing to pack everything into a coherent story that makes sense, and even more: Combining Detroit Techno with an African Ethno bomb, or a boogie classic with some rare funk jams, Hunee tells in depth musical stories that are teh exact opposite of hypnotising monotony.