Monticule kicks off in Munich with Malka Tuti, Superpitcher and more

We’re joining forces with Munich’s endearing Summer hideout in South-Western France for a thrilling, hot-temperatured kick-off night. The Monticule Racing Team will set the exact right mood for the night, featuring Fez, Flo Scheuer and Yannic Bartel, correlating delightfully with the transcendental sounds of Asaf Samuel & Katzele of Tel Avivian label Malka Tuti, and tripped-out grooves from Cologne producer supremo Superpitcher.


Model 500 – Deep Space (Before The Party Starts: 20/05/18)

“I was always fascinated by the musical spirit of Detroit. During my teenage years, Model 500 was already one of my favourite outfits hailing from the motorcity and I remember the day when I came home with the Deep Space LP and listend to it in full for the first time as if it was yesterday.


Skee Mask – Compro (Before The Party Starts: 19/05/18)

Skee Mask’s second album just came out this week. It’s a beautiful trip through different moods and tempos with a very personal sound. Thank you Skee for this masterpiece and thank you all for the great support so far!
– Zenker Brothers